Friends and family had long been raving about Dishoom down in the big smoke but I never got around to it as visits down to London were always jam packed one day hellish cram-in-everything and work trips!! So it was decided that on my Birthday in December 2016, we would spend one Sunday in London, kicking the day off with Breakfast at Dishoom Kings Cross.

Dishoom Menu

As Dishoom have a couple of restaurant locations in London, the first task was to decide which one to go to but this no hard choice for me as we were arriving into London via St Pancras one, the kings cross was ideal and secondly, I loved the railway inspired theme.

Upon approaching, it is clear to see the restaurant is housed within a restored Victorian building, which was used as an old railway transit shed. The original building was built in 1850. But what I loved about this building is the rich history associated with it’s past- the fact that this shed, for over 100 years, was responsible for holding goods that were transferred between London and Bombay and the respective British Empire.

Dishoom Bar Area
Dishoom writing wall
Dishoom downstairs

As you enter the restaurant, the striking bar area hits you with the high stools seated along it’s side and also a juice bar. I just couldn’t stop admiring the whole scene and how I was so glad I chose this branch over the Shoreditch or Covent Garden ones.

Dishoom Bar

Image Courtesy: Dishoom Kings Cross

Dishoom Upstairs Bar

Once we were seated, I couldn’t help but think I was being transported back to the years of the British Raj in India. Parts of the décor, which consisted of lots of soft low lighting and beautiful green glass lampshades just transported me back to the era where I imagined beautifully dressed women in Victorian gowns seated along the side. Looking along the walls on the elevated level where we were seated, I could see Hindi writing on the walls as the waitress poured us an ice cold glass of water.

Dishoom Juice Bar

Downstairs Bar

Image Courtesy: Dishoom Kings Cross

Wall Photos

Dishoom Staires

Dishoom Weights

Dishoom downstairs bar

I was pretty excited to see the menu and was looking forward to getting stuck into breakfast. The flyers on our table had a portrait of the late Bollywood actress, Nargis on the front took me back to watching old Bollywood movies with my grandparents when I was a child. 

Dishoom Nargis Flyer

Dishoom Top Balcony

Without hesitation, both myself and Dr. C picked the bottomless House Chai. It was a cold December morning and we needed to start off with a warm, spicy, milky aromatic throat soother.

Dishoom House Chai

2 chai’s later, we decided on our breakfasts…

A Bombay Omelette, which contained onions, tomatoes, green chilies and coriander served with grilled tomatoes and Fire-toast for me

Dishoom Masala Omellet

And Dr. C opted for The Big Bombay! Well of course he did with Akuri (striped smoked streaked bacon from The Ginger Pig), peppery Shropshire pork sausages, masala baked beans (which took me back to living with my parents and having it with toast), grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, finished off with homemade buttered buns.

Dishoom Big Bombay

Dishoom Breakfast

What made me drool about this place wasn’t just the food and the aesthetics but also Dishoom’s ‘A meal for a Meal’ policy. For every meal that is eaten, a meal is provided to the UK charity, Magic Breakfast. This gives children who are not so privileged to be able to learn and not be distracted by hunger.

Inside Dishooms Lavatories
Dishoom Long Bar
Dishoom Lavatories
Wall Photos

Following the beautifully fresh breakfast with a hint of spice, we planned the rest of the day and made our way to Borough Market to check-off a long awaited experience with a stunning view.



Granary Square.  5 Stable St

Kings Cross 

London  N1C 4AB

Tel 020 7420 9321


I’d love you to comment on what you thought of Dishoom at Kings Cross? What would you recommend on the breakfast menu?


                         Until the next time…

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